Re: Upgrades and backward compatibility

Brutus Laurentius

Hi WA5ZTD ... I'd recommend .  They have a menu on the site, and one option is a list of fixes.  Both the V3 and V4 need some fixes for spectral purity (replace L5 & L7 and replace the relays).  The V3 will likely need to replace the audio output for speaker/headphones section -- I'd recommend going with an LM386 circuit.   There is a fix in replacing the driver transistor chain and some resistors and one capacitor that applies to both.   Those are the biggies.  The latter changes are heavy on the SMT so you might need some magnification and a hot air soldering gun etc.

I have both a V3 and V4 board.   After those fixes, they work fine.  Though I also plan some more fixes adapted from the v5 board (replacing some more transistors etc and maybe changing the IF if I am ambitious as well as some changes to even up the output across bands.)

It's a really nifty rig and really fun to play with!

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