Re: No TX #ubitx


Well, let's see... lots of good material from all, above. Here's what we have:

- Measurement at T2 pins 3, 5 go from zero to .09v on CW key. 
- L8 & L9 good; measuring strong B+ at pin 2 on both finals.
- Noticed Q911 & 912 both warmer than body temperature (room is +/- 18C) after 10-15 second key-down; Q's 92, 93, 96, 97 definitely warmer than ambient but not quite as warm as 911, 912. Finals cold as stone.
- R104 restored to 2.7k [supposed to be 2.2k but the deer-tick sized SMT was lost to the abyss. 
- Upon key down, R104 reads 1.8 volts, not 5.
- Q22-1 = 6.8v, Q22-2 = 6.14v, Q22-3 = 11.5
- Swapped with brand-new Nano, no change.
- Swapped with brand new Raduino, no change.
- Installed new IRF510 finals, with RV's 2 & 3 fully clockwise. Adjusted to 100mA draw, each. No change. Current draw on standby/clear freq = .39A, on CW key = .85A, same for dead mike key.

What think?


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