Re: Built V4 uBitx for sale

On Sun, February 10, 2019 3:24 pm, @Chuck wrote:
For Sale: HFSignals uBitx V4 bult transceiver. Has KD8CEC V 1.1 software
and Nextion 3.5 screen. In custom case with speaker and cooling fan for
finals. Mods: Moved 5 volt regulator to case, also has second 5 volt
regular to the 12 volt fan, quite running and keeps finals cool. Power
out varies a small amount from 14 watts at 3.7mhz, 10 at 7.2mhz, 12 at
14.2mhz etc. Second arduino for Sig meter etc. and 4 spare finals
included. Will post pics on ( ) just click on each
pic. Will accept best reasonable offer. Shipping will be added based on
your zip and payment will be by paypal only. Please note the board has a
minior repair from bad bias pot and both bias pots and finals have been
replaced. Unit is is working order (ssb needs work adjustments ] but you
will need to do some final finishing work and adjustment yourself. When
making an offer please know you will need to replace the 3.5 in. Nextion
Enhanced Screen as there is a crack near the top ( 24.99 at banggood ).
It does not stopping the radio from working but does interfere with some
menu functions. Cat connection works ok for some basic needs. Questions
and offers to ubitx@... ( ubitx@... )   paypal email

bangood link for nextion screen

NO Longer for sale ! Thanks All who responded.

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