Re: separate CAT jack, without using the USB cable #ubitx #arduino #cat #raduino

Jerry Gaffke

That can work, if you include an external USB to 5v tolerant UART converter such as this:

How to do it is documented at the bottom of this post:
In that write-up, I mention tying the 5v pin from the CP2102 to the 5v pin of the Raduino,
only do that if you want to power the Raduino from the host's USB port.
In your case where you have the Raduino installed in the uBitx, do not connect
up that 5v wire, as it is better to let the LM7805 on the Raduino supply the 5v.

The CP2102 is primarily 3.3v, but the pins are 5v tolerant.
The Nano has 5v TXD/RXD pins.
It works.

There are plenty of other USB-to-UART adapters that could work for you, 
but that happens to be the one I used.
Some may give you more trouble with installing the needed software driver,
my CP2102 worked out of the box on an Ubuntu host without needing a driver installed.
And some USB-to-UART adapters may not be 5v tolerant.

Toward the top of that post there's a link to the schematic for the Nano clones we use:
in case you wanted to figure things out more thoroughly.
Datasheets for all the IC's involved are easily found on the web.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 01:00 PM, Sascha Bohnet | DL5SMB wrote:

Hello everybody,

can anybody tell me, if it is possible to realize / install a separate cat jack without using the present USB port,
by going straight to Pin 1, Pin 2 and Ground on the Arduino Nano?

If I have understood correctly the built in cat interface  in KD8CECs firmware uses the USB connector

just as an RS232/TTL converter

Am i right, if I assume, that it should be possible to solder some wires to D0 and D1 (RX + TX) and ground and then install

a MINI-DIN 8 socket to the uBITX like in an FT817?

I am asking because I am building TF3LJs Magnetic Loop Controller at

the moment, which communicates with the tranceiver via cat for tuning the antenna. This interface uses just these three lines. So I need to make them talk :-)

I would just try it, but am a little bit unsure if i might damage something, if I am wrong. I am not really fond of grilling the Raduino.


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