Re: Upgrades and backward compatibility

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>


Refactoring is not a user thing, I never intended that.  That refactor
is on the developers to do and put a version to the public.    Also
comments of code efficiency were for V4.3 Raduino code.  When
I played with it it was so sluggish it did not keep up with the encoder
well, the code was anything but modular and was a hard to update.

Its purpose (a refactor) is to make suitable space IF NEEDED so the
menu-system (like the calibration menu) can set a bit/byte in the Eeprom
to mark the system as V5 or preV5 and take the specific action.

Properly done by the developers the user should not have to do coding,
it should be not a big deal to query if the user has V5 or not and
internally configure as needed.

Obviously I should have made clear this is for the base Raduino and the
JackAl, and Nextion user have their own special fun.


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