Re: Complainers?

Hans Summers

Hi Evan 

We have not seen the final results of the QSX (I think that is the unit you mean) from Hans, G0UPL, only the material on the web pages.  You are also going to wait for the multi-band upgrade, as the first kits will be single band.


One point for me is the ability to add the Nextion type of display to the uBitx.  I have ordered the v5 board, am already planning to mod the current KD8CEC code to work with the v5 board, assuming someone else doesn't do it first.  I have 2 v4 boards, one with a Nextion display.   I have gotten spoiled with the features of the KD8CEC software/graphics screen.  Not sure how that is possible with the QSX. 

QSX has CAT control and also a rich command interface of its own. It will not be difficult for someone to design an external controller for it with more expensive deluxe display. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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