separate CAT jack, without using the USB cable #ubitx #arduino #cat #raduino

Sascha Bohnet | DL5SMB

Hello everybody,

can anybody tell me, if it is possible to realize / install a separate cat jack without using the present USB port,
by going straight to Pin 1, Pin 2 and Ground on the Arduino Nano?

If I have understood correctly the built in cat interface  in KD8CECs firmware uses the USB connector

just as an RS232/TTL converter

Am i right, if I assume, that it should be possible to solder some wires to D0 and D1 (RX + TX) and ground and then install

a MINI-DIN 8 socket to the uBITX like in an FT817?

I am asking because I am building TF3LJs Magnetic Loop Controller at

the moment, which communicates with the tranceiver via cat for tuning the antenna. This interface uses just these three lines. So I need to make them talk :-)

I would just try it, but am a little bit unsure if i might damage something, if I am wrong. I am not really fond of grilling the Raduino.


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