Being, living and serving others; this is not blind faith!


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If you purchase a kit, as part of a hobby, you accept an obligation to be positive and helpful. 

I believe, my post was both positive and helpful. 

This community is so helpful, but you need to start with humility and a presumption of good will. You did neither.

My contribution is not without much thought. I have been accused of being a BOT, an agent for a foreign power and have received horrific threats directed to my personal email, none of which demonstrate good will. Nevertheless, there are many here who have been thankful for my comment, my careful investment of time and my dedication to a point of view that is valid, Sir. 

Life is short.  
Our goal needs to be encouraging.
Without doubt, this must be true. 
 No one needs flames.
I agree, flame must not be kindled without need. 
These folks will help you, I know from experience.  
I don't doubt your experience. 
I got a bit over my head with a v4 board and a fellow ham, on this exchange, offered to let me send him my board for help.
There are many things in this world that are over our heads. There is greatness in numbers and inspiration is found in those who dutifully, offer to help at no cost. 
(Bill C. you know who you are.)  I actually mailed it to him in a box!  He found the issue, fixed it, and returned it to me. How totally wonderful is that!!!  
Sir, that is excellent and imagine were our world to operate in this manner, where all seek to help rather than simply spend our precious time acquiring more material gain, then would that not be a flame worth kindling?
Now, every time I use my V4 board it amazes me, and I'm reminded that I benefit from the efforts of so many other wonderful people.  

May I ask, do you also have a V3? 

So this humble radio exposed me to so many folks willing and able to help.

This, is the spirit of Ham radio!

Folks who are encouraging and technically gifted. (I'm a liberal arts major, and just barely hanging in by my fingernails, hahahah.)  

It takes all types to make a world. Art & science are closer than we think!

This inexpensive bit of clever engineering, and unimpeachable business practices, it stunning.

Now, here I am at a loss for words. It is hard to imagine a perfect business model, yet I may dream of this a while. 

 When I was putting this together, I bored all my family and friends that my kit radio was supporting a woman's cooperative in India!
I was affected by this aspect of the web content also!

How freaking cool is that.  My few dollars where keeping women employed and helping communities survive.

It is indeed a laudable and most honoured thought!

If one followes your aqusitory approach, the outcomes would have been so much poorer. 

The outcome of any action is determined by the sentiment and not by raw power alone. 

Try an alternative.  Be humble, at least consider you could be part (or even all?) of the problem.
Now I must ignore what seems to be a very ungenerous and acidic accusation. Would you live with no guarantee of responsibility, and no hope of protection afforded by law written or unwritten and without the great spirit of brotherhood that we both see in our passion?

Ask the community for help and guidance.  Be appreciative.  Be thankful. Be positive.  

Sir, thank you for your wisdom. 

Geoff. M0OOZ


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