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Timothy Fidler

On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 04:48 PM, M0OOZ wrote:
... (USA) where English has undergone changes to make spelling more representative of modern speech
I'd do a double take on that . My reading of it is that Noah Webster made many changes ... here is the supposed background.:   "In 1789, Webster laid out in detail the terms of his proposed spelling reforms in “An Essay on the Necessity, Advantages, and Practicability of Reforming the Orthography of Words Correspondent to the Pronunciation.”..  So in fact it was an outgrowth of the war of independence ie a half reinvented new language  - it took him about another 17 years to get around to or get the money for publishing an ink and paper dictionary."

The "more representative of modern speech"  part is only the half of it.

The Americans did not stop there - they reinvented the Anglican church too.. .they had to - with the Queen of England as the head of the Anglican church one really have no other option as a patriot.  I guess others answered to Rome and other places but that was not so important.

The blue  rectangle stuff below is part of a cut and paste jobbie that I had to is too short. I 'll leave it.

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Take all non peer reviewed bloggy stuff with a pinch of salt.. mine included.   -TEF

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