Re: antennas vs antennae


Antenna, Antennas & Antennae V Aerial & Aerials

With the greatest respect all and any of these are acceptable if and when this is understandable.

If one wishes to be pedantic, then the Latin for the plural of Antenna should be Antennae and perhaps not Antennas, but Latin is no longer used as a modern language and in current parlance the use of an S to indicate plurality seems perfectly acceptable. This is especially true when we consider the case of the USA, where English has undergone changes to make spelling more representative of modern speech. An example of this is Colour V Color; which is interesting as neither of these actually reflect the way most English speakers say the word, since the lack of double consonant between the two vowels ‘O’, would make the first vowel STRONG!

A while back there was an article in SPRAT about ATUs. The first point the author made was that an Antenna is Latin for an appendage used by an insect or other living creature; that as such this term, at best, has been adopted because of the look of vertical receiving structures.

The author points out that Aerial might be a better term, as it would include both Vertical and horizontal radio emission/ reception structures.

May the peace be with you.


Geoffrey David Cowne M0OOZ

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It appears my feeble attempt at levity has fallen flat.  My apologies.

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