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Well said Ashar.
There's always someone who knows better than all the rest, whether he's a radio amateur or a president!
I'm just slightly ashamed that this particular one appears to be British.

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On 06/02/2019 19:07, Ashhar Farhan wrote:
Here is how it is,
1. Let me tell you about how we test each board. If you hold down the encoder button while switching it on, you will see what all we do.
The test jig consists of a dummy load, a low level signal (1uv) generator and a noise generator at the antenna input.
Step 1: the si5351 is calibrated to exactly 10.000.000 mhz as measured on rigol ds1052e. Each if the IRF510 bias is set to 100 ma.
Step 2: the noise generator is switched on and the fft of the audio bandpass, as seen on the rigol is centered between 300hz and 3khz.
Step 3. SSB tx is checked on 3.5 mhz.
Step 4. SSB tx is checked on 7 mhz.
Step 5. SSB tx is checked on 14 mhz.
Step 6. SSB tx is checked on 28 mhz.
Step 7. The 1uv keyed signal is tuned in on 14.318 mhz to check the rx path.
Only after these tests are done, the tester  signs on the board.
Warranty: as this is fundamentally a kit with the bulk of soldering done, whithout seal on people opening and fiddling around with components or soldering things the wrong way, we cannot really accept responsibility for it not working in the hands of the builder. There is no design fault as thousands are happily working. Providing refunds is an unsustainable option as we have no way of ascertaining that the board has been mistreated.
Sorting out the problems :
No kit manufacurer or indeed a radio manufacurer will refund if you have opened, soldered and played with the innards of a radio.
HF signals has clearly mentioned that the only support you get is the cooperation of the community on this group'. You cant demand it.
This is an open source project, the bugs are well known. As a community we have resolved them while learning a lot of things on the way. The spurs and harmonics were acknowledged and worked out in the end. No radio is perfect, no system beats godel. At a price point of hundred dollars or so, we managed to thousands of people on air who could never afford it otherwise. That is a testimony to the power of open development.
In the end, it is important for me to point out that neither i nor hf signals has any restrictive copyright on any part of this radio. I welcome and encourage you all to try commercializing this radio or any other radio, offering a better or cheaper product. These radios belong to us all. I just happpened to build the first one. There are others who understand these radios far better than i do. They are here in this group.
73, keep the iron plugged in.
- f
On Wed 6 Feb, 2019, 10:54 PM Sudanthiram N <vu2nsk@... <mailto:vu2nsk@...> wrote:
Last year I purchased bit40 .It also not working  but after replace
the relay , it works ok. if it is tested before despatched how it
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