Re: Responsibility! A fully test and tuned µBITX HF transceiver board (6″ by 5-1/2″).??? #bitx20 #legal

Andy V. Borisenko

Hi, Laurence.
I bought KIT from Elekraft (K-2), QCX from QRP-Labs. All these kits have been successfully made and work without problems. Sellers on their sites spoke openly about the problems and indicated ways to correct them. In the case of a uBitx, there is no such thing! There is only a discussion in the group. But this is not the official information from the manufacturer and the seller. It is not right.
I do not need v.5. I just want to warn customers: do not need to believe what is written on the site hfsignals.
73! Andy V. Borisenko 

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