Re: Responsibility! A fully test and tuned µBITX HF transceiver board (6″ by 5-1/2″).??? #bitx20 #legal

Andy V. Borisenko

I’m surprised by the position of the authors and sellers of the transceiver.
despite the obvious shortcomings main board of version 4, they did not recognize the problem, do not comment on the situation, do not offer compensation for inconvenience, do not do not remove the main board from the sale.
those who bought main board v4 did not even receive an apology for the inconvenience.
Why is that?
I pay money. and I want to get the product without obvious problems that could be easily solved at the design, testing and production stage.
the problem is not only bad sound, low quality components, spurs for transmission.
The problem is a bad attitude to the buyer. Good customer attitude is the basis of business.
I will never buy products from Farhan. And do not advise anyone.
Why on page there is nowhere anywhere there is about problems with uBitx v.4?
It says only “You still, here? Go and operate!”. and something about helping indian women.
But it is not written anywhere that it is impossible to work on this transceiver without corrections and alterations!
Why is that?
For me, $ 129 is not big money. I have 4 more transceivers, this FT-2000, TS-590S, FT-891, QCX from QRP-labs. I have experience (I made my first home made radio in 1982), I have instruments set up a transceiver. But for many radio amateurs, $ 129 is substantial money, they have no other transceivers, no instruments to tune and no health to upgrade uBitx. They bought it (and continue to buy it) believing the information on the site that the transceiver only needs to be assembled and configured. What are they to blame?
hfsignals deceives buyers! This is the main thing I wanted to say!

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