Re: Responsibility! A fully test and tuned µBITX HF transceiver board (6″ by 5-1/2″).??? #bitx20 #legal



Good idea to unplug.

I use a dummy load made from resistors, and I checked each band on cw. My rig is working except for a dip on 40m, it grows some as I seek to add a filter at 45 MHz to address spurious. See what your rig is doing. SSB slightly harder to test, but I have a fixed frequency audio oscillator that I did the same test with.

Every project has constraints, here the designer stuffed what he could on the board this size. As many do hams don't yet do cw, its a reasonable rig. I have had my moments with the ubitx, but its the only rig I used this past week. Keep in touch.


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