Re: uBitX PTT cycling


For mobile ops I had to add a filter to eliminate the alternator whine. I used an old Radio Shack filter that I had in a car for 2m FM decades ago, and just mounted it in the case running the 12v input through it ahead of the power switch. I had already installed a 12v regulator chip for the main board, bypassing it for the PA, just in case the car voltage excursions could be dangerous...I see as high as 14.1v sometimes when the engine is running. I also had already used an old Motorola speaker mic from my junkbox, and had a switch on the panel to change from the internal speaker to the speaker mic, and find that handy when mobile as I can hold the mic closer to my ear if the ambient noise is high. Other than that. no other mods. The only issue I noted on this trip was that my speaker, which was hot-glued to the plastic case, came loose. I suspect leaving the rig in the car with temps well below freezing, then warming up to the 50's, and traveling over some significant potholes may have weakened that bond, but I'll look at that further. On my return trip from Newport News, VA to my home in Eastern PA I I had a nice chat with a station in Erie, PA, who had solid copy on my 7w radio.


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