Re: The sun orbiting the earth, spectrum analyzers and the uBITX

Tom, wb6b

Yes, it is amazing how far they got with the wrong planetary system.

I guess what I'm saying is, the struggle our forefathers were having to work out the kinks in (for example) the planetary model of the time, led to amazing increases in knowledge as they worked things out.  

If the uBITX had been perfect from the start we might be happily talking away and our knowledge advanced to just where the knobs are and how to connect the antenna coax connector. But, because there are things about the uBITX that beg to be improved, we started working on solutions and are increasing our knowledge in the process; either by our own experiments or reading what the others on the group try and either succeed or not. 

So (within limits) working with things with imperfections or kinks can lead to an adventure of learning that something that goes really smoothly may not provide. Because of the happenstance of buying the uBITX with it's current kinks, I've been launched into learning more than if the uBITX had just been a hook up a microphone and talk situation. Certainly nowhere, anywhere near a Newton or Kepler, but I'm happy for the modest level learning the uBITX has brought about. 

Tom, wb6b

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