Re: The sun orbiting the earth, spectrum analyzers and the uBITX

Timothy Fidler

My take on the Sun orbiting system (Ptolemaic) is ya gotta give the guy credit.  Based on this concept and some magic algorithms the ancients managed to predict , so they say,  eclipses, rising times of planets and all sorts of cosmic ephemera.  I suspect that they predictions would get well out of wack after a year or two as they must have been the equivalent of binomial expansions ... sort of vaguely linearising stuff to theories that were flawed. ...

.Now is the Ubitx the Ptolemaic system and the  xiegu 108g the  uBitx after a modern day Issac Newton has fooled with it.?. perhaps that is the question that will get me zip tied and run out of town :-) .. backwards on a hoss..

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Mon, 4 Feb 2019 00:32:36 -0800
Re: [BITX20] The sun orbiting the earth, spectrum analyzers and the uBITX

Ours may be more called 'Learning by Tinkering' :), which involves some but not that much thinking, luckily enough!

Il 03/feb/2019 22:18, "Tom, wb6b" <wb6b@...> ha scritto:

I was reading something on the history of astronomy and an amusing thought came to mind. 

If it weren't for early astronomers banging their heads against the wall trying to explain the complex cyclic paths of the planets orbiting around the earth we may have not been gifted some amazing math. This provided to foundation for developing fourier analysis and likely the calculus. (and a way to discover/prove the original assumption was wrong.)

And because of the birthing issues of the uBITX and so many people interested in finding ways to improve it, so many of us are vastly improving our working knowledge of various parts of RF, radios, software and electronics.

Tom, wb6b

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