Re: Done for now. #ubitx

Tony Frey

I have a untouched v4 if your still in the market.


Acta non Verba

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Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2019 6:31 AM
Subject: [BITX20] Done for now. #ubitx
I think I'm in the market for someone's unbuilt or underutilized project.  Its been an adventure bordering on obsession, constructing a V4 board into a successful (1-metre length) remote-head configuration, then, trying to build the same radio into a Pelican-type case with a steel plate top surface.  Except for 40-metres, all was good with TX and the RX was happy with its added preamp and MAX9814-based AGC fudge.  It was going fine up until it wasn't.

An accidental power setting of over 27v last week smoked several components. I repaired what I thought was all of the failures, mostly some driver resistors and one pre-order transistor, by doing the 2n2222 swap & associated 22-ohm resistors for all 6 Q's in that power train. Well, it died again during tune-up.  All point measurements from Q90 to the finals are to spec. After messing with the audio path in the mean time basically cleaning up some temporary wire runs, the RX just doesn't do what it used to do.  Too much fiddling, not enough sleep between work sessions. I've spent enough in replacement Arduino Nano boards and other modification parts for this project to have picked up a Bitx-40 kit, which had been in the long range plan.

So - if anyone has a V4 or V3 board they want to part with, I'm ready to start over since everything else is working fine. Otherwise, I'll wait for a V5 kit to go to market. 

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