Re: CLK2 low level


Just interchange the raduinos between two main boards and see how it does.

If one raduino works well and other is silent then it is the raduino at fault.

Else check the first mixer transformers, gently rocking them migh show up a short.
I have had one that was shorted.

At 30-01-19, you wrote:
Hello, I have 2 boards for raduino ubitx, in one(original software) is CLK2 level 390mVpp and next i have with KD8CEC software there is CLK level 144mVpp. The signals are then very silent. Have someone experience if the cec software control the CLK levels ?Or is the Si5351 not working properly ?
Good one is CLK0=2,72Vpp,CLK1=950mVpp, CLK2=390mV
Next one with CEC software CLK0=2,76Vpp,CLK1=310mVpp, CLK2=144mV
Thanks for any suggestions.

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