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Hi Bob,

I have posted here before about selling non-working radios. It may have even been a reply to one of your posts. Nobody in his right mind would buy a dead radio for anything close to the full price of a new, working radio. And no, I don't want to acquire your radio so don't snap at me about it. I didn't break your radio and neither did Tim. Maybe you can resell the bits that can be verified as 'good' like the case you bought for it and recover some of your money.

Maybe you can find somebody who lives nearby and have them help you get your radio working. Then, instead of selling it at a loss you can actually enjoy it on the air. I would think that's why you bought it.

I have bought a few junk radios for junk prices over the years. Some I repaired and used (and still use a couple). Others were beyond hope and I removed a few (very few) parts and scrapped the rest. I didn't use most of the parts I got but passed them along to other hams (free). The prices I paid were low enough I could have just burned the money and not lost any sleep over it.

That $30 offer I thought was fair. That guy will have to spend time and money getting the radio working. If indeed it can be repaired. I have a pocket knife with a broken blade I would like to sell but so far there are no buyers.


Bill KU8H

On 1/26/19 3:40 AM, Bob Lunsford via Groups.Io wrote:
I suspect it "may" be the Raduino that went belly-up.
The main board is no doubt OK.
Would not want to bother you with something that
is "not worth the price of a new one even with the extras."
It's not even worth that to me considering the trouble of
packing and shipping.
It's still less than a new one and a lot quicker to receive.
I'd rather just give it to someone who wants to play with it
than sell it to someone who wants to "throw" me something and
get a “freebie” that’s “not worth the price.”
Wouldn’t want to bother you...
Bob — KK5R
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