ubitx Cabinets by VU2POP

Prathap Naidu

Hi All

Sharing some piuctures of the ubitx cabinet made by me.

This is a common cabinet for both 2 line LCD aswell as the 2.8 TFT display

You need to change only the bezel

As usual will supply complete cabinet, fixtures , mic , mic/ptt sockets pcb, speaker, fuse holder, fuse,

heat sink insulation kit, heat sink compound, tags, screws, usb cable panel mount, knobs, folding feet, glue, 

Also USB to rear panel connector cable to fit on to Radiuno

etc. etc as earlier, except this cabinet will have common front panel for 2.8 inch TFT & 2 line LCD

The bezels will change

So a person building a ubitx stock can start with stock LCD supplied getting it going , then adapt the TFT display


Thanks happy homebrewing

73 de Pop







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