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I have played with the WebSDR a bit but no QSOs. I think for casual operation I would be logging the other side of the QSO as the transmitter location. I am hearing the other ham's transmitter and not his receiver.

I am not sure how I would log my own side of a QSO if I was using WebSDR to hear the other ham. I don't really expect to do that but never say never. The noise level in my area doesn't seem to prohibit receiving from home.

For contests we do whatever the contest rules say to do and we don't do what they prohibit. for example, I sometimes get into QRP events or events that have a QRP class. I regard myself as a QRP op - from less than a watt to around about 100 watts. In many of those events the rules specify 5 watts or less out of the transmitter. In those cases I keep the power to no more than 5 watts and usually only 3 or 4 watts.


Bill KU8H

On 1/25/19 12:42 PM, Kevin Timm wrote:
Gary - how do you log this QSO?  You xmit/receive in Austin, the other side receives in UT but xmits in Chicago?
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