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I have a V3 uBitX and now running the CEC software. I don't recall an "ADC" menu item so I don't know what that is for. I did just look through the setup menu on mine and I see "ADC line monitor". I will have to look it up in the manual to see what it's for. I must have blown by it thinking it is for some mod that I have not installed.


Bill KU8H

On 1/21/19 1:25 PM, howellubeen@... wrote:
Hi Bill,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, when I PTT the mic (and talk), the unit goes into TX mode and my external power/water meter moves back & fourth.  When I key down on the straight key, the display, nor the TX led, nor the power meter give any indication of CW being transmitted.
With the straight key installed, it stays in RX mode, however, the when I key from the ADC setting, the value changes from 1032 to 0 when I key down, so the Aurduino is getting the key press.  Seems the Aurduino is not sending the key press to the TX circuit - ???
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