Re: New ubitx CW not transmitting

Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...>

Hi Allen,

I assume that "SSB is okay" means that you have output when you speak into the mic. Your external watt meter bobs up and down with your speech.

Does the display change to show CW on the display when you try to transmit? Do your hear a relay click when you press the key? If no, it is not being put into CW transmit mode. Check the wiring. If yes then you have left something out of your description. Or...check your wiring.


Bill KU8H

On 1/21/19 11:52 AM, howellubeen@... wrote:
My apologies if this has already been answered.  newbie here.  Just installed a new ubitx (4.3) in the case. Very enjoyable build.  So far, everything seems to work (had to replace their bad speaker), except CW transmitting.  I plug in a straight key or paddle and it does nothing.  I checked the resistor value - it's OK.  I went into setup, and could see the ADC value go from 1023 to 0 when the key is pressed, so it seems the Aurduino is seeing the key.
PTT SSB transmit works fine, just a dead CW key.
Any advice?
Allen, KC8VRI
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