Re: Spurs/Harmonics fixes for v4 based on v5 board design?

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Radios and projects like this one seem to want something to use for spectrum examination. Don't take it off list and hide it from the rest of us.


Bill KU8H

On 1/21/19 10:42 AM, Evan Hand wrote:
I too looked at that Rigol.  My perspective is if I am going to spend that much, I might as well go all in and get the units that include the tracking generator.  Depends on how you will be using it.  Just to check for spurious emissions, or want to look at filter responses, detailed design analysis, etc....  There is a reason for the tracking generators.
The unit you listed would handle the uBitx emissions testing.
More on the RF Explorer:
If you connect to a computer and use the software, it is really easy to shift scanned start and stop frequencies.  I will look again later this week (I am traveling on business and will not be able to "play") and let you know if I learn any more.  Will also try to take some pictures of the software to show you how it works.
Maybe we need to take this off of the reflector and do it with private emails.
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