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Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...>

Hi Geoff,

Not stupid at all. Please refrain from referring to list members as 'stupid' - even it that member is yourself:)

I recall that some hams had to play with resistor values to get the CW keying to work right. I was going to do that until I tried a Vibroplex bug that I used the dash lever as a sideswiper straight key. It made an awesome difference. I had burnished the contacts on my 50 year old straight key but CW was still "flakey" on the uBitx - okay on other radios. Finally I used some DeOxit - just a tiny touch - on the key contacts and now the uBitx behaves nicely. Be very sure your keying contacts are absolutely clean.


Bill KU8H

On 1/20/19 12:02 PM, geoffg3wzp@... wrote:
Thanks for the info.....I will get the mic etc fitted tomorrow and see if the rig is ok on SSB    ...then have a look at the CW again.....evne if I short the contact on kack socket to ground directly it still goes to transmit send a  R then reverts to rx I missing something ? When I go to CW setting on the SELECT control it just asks me to set speed that correct ??
Sorry if this all sounds a bit stupid but upto now I have been a valve ( tube) man !!
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