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Hi Jerry,

I had the overwhelming sidetone volume in my V3 and corrected that before I even tried to use it on the air. And I agree about getting it working stock before making mods. When I was still using the stock software I did not look to see everything that might be on the menus. I don't know if it will disable the TX. I disabled the TX by disconnecting the brown wire when I was using the stock software.

Checking those voltages to see if it is going into TX mode is the way to know for sure. But he surely knows if he did or did not install that resistor.


Bill KU8H

On 1/20/19 11:46 AM, Jerry Gaffke via Groups.Io wrote:
Yup, good points.
I think in a case like this, verifying it is in receive mode (check TX and RX),
and getting the receiver to work is the first step.
Lots of things could make it decide to go into transmit mode,
but especially your resistor at the key jack, and PTT wiring.
I'm not sure what all is going on with sidetone levels here.
Had been complaints early on about it being too loud, then R253 got changed.
Best to get it going first with the stock firmware.
Should not be necessary to do any mods to get a working radio.
On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 08:29 AM, Bill Cromwell wrote:
Hi Jerry,
One of your questions was already answered and you even requoted it.
He said there is no audio in the speaker nor in the earphones. It
could still be wired wrong.
In my V3 with CEC software there is a setting in the setup menu to
disable the transmit. I thought I would use that to play with the
sidetone and use the uBitx as a $150 code practice oscillator. There
was very little sidetone, extremely faint. I don't know if his
software has a feature to disable the transmitter. He may also not
have wired the brown wire to the power supply so there is no drain
voltage applied to the finals. No transmit output.
And what about that resistor to the key jack? That produces at least
some of the symptoms. Other hams have decided they don't use CW and
don't need that resistor. WRONG! There new rigs worked right AFTER
they installed that.
I hope all of this helps him make progress toward a working radio.
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