Re: Your experience with µBITX on 10 meters #ubitx

Timothy Fidler

FelixC (felix the cat ?) before you give up on the two watt miserable output perhaps have a look at  and the work by Bill S and  Erhart DE3FY did.

Bill changed out the  Mosfets and did rebiasing and got of order 6W on the 10m Band whereas Erhart did a complete rebuild of the PA and ... well - you read the claims.  (You'd want to have a get out of gaol strategy if you go the clip it off and throw it way method that   Bill used - albeit that reduces the risk to the PCB,  which part cannot be replaced cheaply.)
The cheapest place to get hopefully genuine RD16HH  mosfets in the known universe (small qty) is Cecil the parts Place in the US and he does sell some pig nose ferrite magnetics too (of the types required ).  The absolute minimum you will spend is about $15 USD including postage, plus your labour and more for the Erhart Mods. 

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