Re: Adding uv meter .board and leads to ubitx

Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...>

Hi Will,

There are several replies with good solutions for you. You can also use a set earphones and find that you will have to turn the volume down with those. I have been using "cans" for well over 60 years so I can hear my radio and not "annoy" everybody else in the house. CW is music to only a few of us:) I have also just plugged in the computer external amplifier/speaker sets and those work fine.

I can't help you with the uv meter (an S-meter I presume). S-meters are not needed and I have several radios with no S-meter nor AGC. Others here can help you with that.


Bill KU8H

On 1/19/19 2:11 AM, will.benn@... wrote:
Hi my name is Will put together ubitx radio kit .Found the audio very low .can  you suggest an add on amp .also bought uv meter kit along with made up board  and leads as recommended by F6HOY.the problem .I have no idea how to connect to the main board of the radio.can any one help 73 Will
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