Re: Cooling fan Shroud

_Dave_ K0MBT

I choose to run the fan full time. The reason I run the fan while receiving is that it pulls heat out of the small heat sinks.

On my original ubitx, I run the finals at 20 volts and use it for digital. The heatsinks that I use on that radio weigh about 4x as much with a lot more finning. The fan is a regular 3" computer fan with a snug fitting shroud. I can run the transmitter at 20 watts into a dummy load in cw mode for an indefinite amount of time without making the transistors hot.

This set up is not as effective but it pull heat out of the heatsinks. I may well use larger heatsinks and design a different fan shroud.

Not planning on running a temp controlled fan nor just run it whilst the tx is on.

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