Re: Using 2nd Nano for S meter


Hi Brian,

A few follow up questions after thinking about the setup process a bit more.

1) Which version of CEC did you flash to the radiuno?

2) Which display are you using?

3) Does the FFT/DSP1 display anything and is it set to use it in the config menu?

4) My signal level is usually very low, from playing with it I have enough capacitance to touch its input and get noise to show on the meter. I have mine setup inline with a TJC screen as per the instructions. The only hardware mods I have installed are the smeter and Nextion(TJC) display.

5) Have you looked at the settings in the uBitx Manager?

I have my CEC built with:

ubitx.h line 239

    "#define I2CMETER_ADDR     0x58"

And the smeter project as per Sacha's suggestion

i2cmeter1.h line 58

"#define I2CMETER_ADDR     0x58  //changed from 0x6A"

The comment at the end of line might be the key since I left the note about changing the address.

Good luck!



On 1/17/19 3:02 PM, Brian Arnott via Groups.Io wrote:
I wired up a second arduino nano to provide an s-meter using the "fun" design from KD8CEC (two 20k resistors and a capacitor). How do I assign an address to the second nano?
Right now it looks as though they are both on the same address, I've tried various combinations of the NX.hex and NX_S.hex without any success. 
Any help would be much appreciated.

de Brian G3YYT

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