Re: low output only on 40m



most of my data is CW, as that plot.  all bands but 40m are okay CW output.  using a dummy load after the wattmeter, a TT1202 that is decently designed. 

SSB seems to be doing same, weak on 40m per needle response.  our local build leader did request I take some SSB data -- I need to see if my audio test source has enough drive. 

I cannot fathom what is doing the above.  originally I was getting around 4 or 5 watt CW - weaker than other bands.  I don't see any visual damage on the LPF that serves 40m.  since 80m and 160m do fine -- I can't fathom what is happening here. 

Saturday I hope to take rig to our club building session - for careful evaluation. 

73 Curt

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