Re: low output only on 40m


Ok thanks ..just trying to get some references to establish some sort of  rational base-band ..High accuracy is not needed,  just something "close"

this one 5 watts from 8 to 10 Mhz on CW ..Previous quoted from you was SSB? right?


On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 2:57:13 PM PST, Curt via Groups.Io <wb8yyy@...> wrote:

Okay here is my CW measurement into a power meter - yes broadband.  My rig was measured, I have usual spurs for a stock uBITX - nothing to impact this measurement.  I think my LPF might be shifted up - maybe - not sure what this response is across 40m as a LPF does not do that! 

X axis is frequency and Y axis is power in watts.  sure my instrument isn't high quality but I trust the trend it conveys. 


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