Re: low output only on 40m


Couple 'o questions ...SSB or CW  and How is power being measured?  broadband watt meter ?

If so ..All emissions from the xmitter are being summed together (dc to daylight) ie fundamental + harmonics + spurs + ?


On Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 9:30:55 AM PST, Bill Cromwell <wrcromwell@...> wrote:

Hi Evan,

Here is a contrary report for you. The forty meter output on my uBitx is
close to the same as 80 amd 30 meters and close to 10 watts. I have the
red and brown power supply wires connected together and run all of my
radios on 12 volt batteries (~13 volts at no-load, full charge). Due to
tolerance stacks among all the various parts used each of these radios
will be at least a little different from all others. If any parts are
out of tolerance that is going to be more so.

Mine is a V3 with the non "WX" audio IC socketed. I am running the CEC
software but that has nothing to do with RF power out. Board version might.


Bill  KU8H

On 1/15/19 12:10 PM, Evan Hand wrote:
> This 40m output is very low compared to others, however ALL reports that
> I have seen always seem to have the 40m output much lower than 20m. 
> Does anyone know the reason for the drop on 40m compared to 20m?  Is it
> related to spurs being measured as part of the power out?
> Trying to learn and understand.
> Evan

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