Re: low output only on 40m

Bill Cromwell

Hi Evan,

Here is a contrary report for you. The forty meter output on my uBitx is close to the same as 80 amd 30 meters and close to 10 watts. I have the red and brown power supply wires connected together and run all of my radios on 12 volt batteries (~13 volts at no-load, full charge). Due to tolerance stacks among all the various parts used each of these radios will be at least a little different from all others. If any parts are out of tolerance that is going to be more so.

Mine is a V3 with the non "WX" audio IC socketed. I am running the CEC software but that has nothing to do with RF power out. Board version might.


Bill KU8H

On 1/15/19 12:10 PM, Evan Hand wrote:
This 40m output is very low compared to others, however ALL reports that I have seen always seem to have the 40m output much lower than 20m. Does anyone know the reason for the drop on 40m compared to 20m?  Is it related to spurs being measured as part of the power out?
Trying to learn and understand.
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