Re: Mini PA für my uBITX #ubitx


See - thats what i really like ham radio for. There is no technical or practical reason to spend month on getting the 50 years old HK equipment back in shape - except me finding it fascinating.

I could buy some up to date transceiver for the Money (or even half of it) , but thats just not my kind of fun. I always wanted a Heathkit. Even if its only because of its looks :) 

I also like the uBitx because of the Arduino, which is something i use on a regular basis. 

Just wanted to use a Nano to control a linear and try the i2c connection and a nextion.

No show-off. No really need. But i for sure see a difference in range on 40/80m running FT8 on my homemade HF2V vertical. And it was fun to put together.

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