Re: Mini PA für my uBITX #ubitx

Bob Lunsford <nocrud222@...>

Mark, I'm in the process of getting a BITX40 (waiting for
shipping notification and tracking number) and those
old Heathkit days are moving into hazy history and a
desire to never revisit them. The only thing I have now
is an HW-2036 2M for monitoring 52S mostly and a
RS HTX-252. I live in a 2M depressed area.

I've build nearly everything Heath had. Had an HW-104
and an SB-104 but the FT-450AT I had made them look
like WW1 submarines. I even had a Drake TR7 which
was to me the Cadillac of HF radios but the 450 was
much better for me. All that is gone now. Moving into
the HF Signals arena.

These Ubitx/TITX40 radios are great. It's a new kind
of technology to me with the Raduino. The UbitX is
surprisingly good on reception and this means from
500KHz to 30MHz.

Big question is, when will the V5 board be available?

Bob — KK5R


On Mon, 1/14/19, DC3MS <mark.schraven@...> wrote:

Subject: Re: [BITX20] Mini PA für my uBITX #ubitx
Date: Monday, January 14, 2019, 1:23 AM

i deeply respect long time hams sharing their vast knowledge
with new-to-ham Operators,
but i really
didnt expect this discussion to start.
its not necessary,
nor is it necessary
that i recap an Heathkit SB101, SB610, SB620 and build
an extra Hamdesk in the basement to set the
line up together with the just acquired SB200.
If i would do my antenna and CW work right, all
i needed would be pixie monobanders for each band.
I am not complaining about objections regarding
signal quality - i think that is pretty

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