uBitx worked, shut off, now no audio


Hello, all!

I finished the assembly of my uBitx and case. I turned it on and it seemed to be working. I did not have an antenna attached so was only hearing noise, but It would only stay on for about ten seconds before it would shut off. This happened several times; I thought it might have been because I had no microphone or key attached. Once, as I was adjusting the tuner, the unit shut itself off but this time when I cycled the power and turned it back on, the audio was completely gone. I have checked for loose connections but can't find anything wrong. It appears to power up fine, the tuner and menu functions are working, the only problem is zero audio on both the speaker and the headphone. Interestingly, now that I have no audio the radio is not shutting of anymore.

I'm hoping someone will have some insight as to why the unit shut off repeatedly and now stays on but is is deaf. Any help will be appreciated!!!


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