Re: Tracing receive signal for low signal

Evan Hand

You are welcome, though it the transmitter is off by 3khz, that is an indication that the calibration is off, and the 3khz off would put it outside of the 2.5khz bandpass for the 12mhz filter.  I would start with calibrating the VFO (clock#2) to be on freq. with CW key.  Then go back and verify the BFO.

Off calibarion is a know issue with the uBitx v4. When not calibrated, the sensitivity is very low.  Get it calibrated, and the receiver is as sensitive as most 10x the cost commercial rigs (that is the case with my v4 uBitix compared to my Icom IC-7300).  The Icom has more features to help with selectivity (and a host of others), however it is not much better at pure sensitivity of the signal over the noise floor.


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