Re: Tracing receive signal for low signal

Dave Space

I am going to declare the audio pre-amp a success.  To compare I generated a signal off my signal generator into the air  (no direct connection) and listened for the lowest level I could hear it on my Yaesu which was 20mv out on my generator as barely audible and 40mv audible.  I then connected the ubitx to the same antenna and tested and it is now on par with the Yaesu in terms of at least level of hearing a faint signal and pretty close on a strong signal. (it might even be slightly better on the uBitx now)

Thanks everyone especially Evan and Jim for all of the ideas to get to there.  I do kind of wish we figured out why the board is anemic but I'm good with taking a win :)

I'm trying to decide if I want to tackle the transmit issue (I think I heard it transmit off frequency slightly like 3khz low or something) next or try to add an AGC. (I'm thinking worst case if I can ever get software to load on the Radiuno I can rewrite the software to transmit at a slightly off frequency to compensate for the transmit problem - My day job is in the software development area :) )

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