Re: Ubitx v4 whining and swr check issue(?)


This whining is always there even if i disconnect the antenna so i believe this is not corelate to bfo (and yes i have set the bfo properly).

When i touch around the ubitx board, nothing i touch changes the sound, but when i touch 25mhz crystal pin it does change the sound of the whining. Other than that is by moving the frequency to 7mhz and below. Anyhow thanks for the reply. Today i installed cec firmware v1.08, and do the same test around 7mhz. The same symptoms still there:
-7mhz and below makes my swr low and thw whining sound increase in volume (and or in freq)
-7.000.050 and above make my swr very high. 
I think i need an oscilloscope to see more of what happened. 

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