Signalink wire up

Green Hills

uBitx with upgraded 2.8 Nextion is done and seems to be working. I will try to transmit & receive after I get an appropriate antenna. Thanks to all who helped this first timer get something that at least lights up.

I want to dedicate the rig to do Winlink Express with a Signalink. My research has shown the Signalink needs ground, PTT, Mic and Speaker. So it seems I should be able to connect these (from the mic and speaker) to the unused D9 plug on the back of the case and build the correct pinout to the Signalink. So before I release the magic white smoke please give me your opinion/experience in my plan.

OMG, if the financial business had a user group like this one I would be rich and retired on the beach, instead of 11" of snow in Missouri.

73, Mike

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