Re: Mini PA für my uBITX #ubitx

Jerry Gaffke

More than just a thought.

Here's another:  a LPF won't cure the spurs, they can be lower in frequency 
than your fundamental.    With the mike gain cranked up as some do to get 
sufficient power out on the high bands, spurs can be 20x stronger (or worse)
than even the rather lax -43dbc spec of our beloved FCC.

The uBitx is marginal at best with regards to spurs and harmonics and IMD and residual carrier.
Excusable on a QRP rig perhaps, but I wouldn't slap a linear on it unless I had the gear
to verify that the uBitx had been modded sufficiently to have a clean signal.
On the other hand, I guess all those FCC guys are out on leave these days ....


On Sun, Jan 13, 2019 at 02:43 AM, Bob Lunsford wrote:
A consideration here is to wonder if any spurs, etc., get
amplified with the amp. May need more LPF's to keep it
within FCC specifications. Just a thought.

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