Re: uBix - transmit clicking when Mic inserted



If the mic connector is common with PTT then I suggest you try switching the PTT and mic contacts.


At 13-01-19, you wrote:
Hello everyone,

I've sent several messages in the past asking about why my uBitx clicks (relay) as if it's trying to transmit when I connect a mic to the jack. I've even sent some images of how I have it wired up and as best as I can tell I have it wired up correctly (search for previous posts). I've also tried using the little button mic that comes with the kit and have the same issue. Â

At this point, I don't know what else to do so I'm going to ask if there's an Elmer out there who'd be willing to be a 2nd pair of eyes and confirm that either there's an issue or I'm an idiot (the latter is more likely). I'd be glad to pay shipping back and fourth (I'm in St.Louis, MO).

Thank you,
Jim Miller

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