Re: uBitX v4.3 calibration


Playing more with the uBitX, currently “breadborded” (wired up with alligator clip jumpers) on the desk. I found that it is going into transmit during the calibration phase, and that appears to be intentional. In other modes the PTT switch acts normally. I tuned my main rig to 10mHz and, watching the pan adaptor screen, I moved the apparent uBitX carrier up to zero beat the frequency, alternating listening on USB and LSB, and now it seems right on frequency. Then I played a little with the BFO and it is sounding better. They really should change the instructions on the website as I have never heard that this is the way it is supposed to be done and that seems odd for a new or impoverished ham who would not likely have another rig with SSB capability to listen to.

I plan to play around in this temporary hookup and probably load the CEC sketch and see about converting the display. Then the big question of whether I start modifying the rig for spurs and harmonics or wait for the v.5 board.


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