Re: Tracing receive signal for low signal

Dave Space

Actually I think with the pre-amp I might have had a loose connection and had to adjust the gain.
It seems a lot better now.  I actually got around 130mv p-p at vol high with 100uV into the antenna.  I might have been getting inconsistent readings due to the breadboard loose connections or something.

Also often I would do some initial on air tests with a ham stick before switching over to my full 40m dipole.

I need to do more testing but the on air tests sound really good with this pre-amp in place now and connections good.

I might need to actually dead bug the pre-amp onto an actual board to keep the connections from being loose.

(at the moment I'm listening to a s7-s9 signal over the earbuds and I'm not wearing them they are on the other side of the room :) )

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