Re: uBitX v4.3 calibration



Something very similar happened to me trying to do frequency calibration. Yes 7 got it into transmit also. Somehow I did improve it.

Very important,  it was slow to dawn on me the display reflects ssb operation. When we go into cw, and see ourself on RBN note the frequency will be about 700 hertz higher or lower, depending upon whether we are in usb or lsb. The kd8cec website has a nice explanation here.

My board came with the bfo way off. With the nice narrow xtal filter, the bfo must he close to get much ssb energy into the passband. Patiently work this before thinking something is amiss. I needed to visit the web to find a typical bfo value to get close enough to set it. The ubitx receives wonderful with bfo aligned.


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