Re: Tracing receive signal for low signal

Dave Space

Ok lets see if I did this right.

Signal generator probe at 1x through 0.01uF cap at tp17
ch2 set probe at 10x at cap/tp17
ch1 set probe at 10x at tp20
Scope set to 1x for both channels
Signal generator set to 1v at 11.996MHZ

Ch2 measured 6mv p-p * 10 = 60mv being generated
Ch1 measured 5mv p-p * 10 = 50mv out of filter at 2khz frequency measured for approximately ~-1db loss

Does that seem about right?

(Its hard to adjust my frequency generator for best signal once set once set it can only change easily in 10k hz increments with the knob - I tried adjust a bit manually entering and that seemed to be where I get the best tone)

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