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WA6PXC Rich <sigma@...>

Hi Armin,
I developed this AGC because all of the others act on the audio signal.
When the signal is really large, the audio is already distorted so we
just control a distorted signal. Please see the Attachment.

To get an idea of how well this type of AGC will work on your radio,
remove R-12 and replace it with the FET as shown in the schematic,
with just the 10K resistor going to the gate.
Using a 10K pot, connect it across 5v and connect the wiper to the Gate resistor.
As you turn the pot, it will vary the RF gain.

Have fun...

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Hi Rich,

I‘m interested in your AGC controller. Is it possible to get the circuit diagram or some more infos?

kind regards 
Armin, DJ2AG

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