Re: Mini PA für my uBITX #ubitx


Thank you Brian.

The PA board is available on eBay from different sellers. The boards are also used in the MX-P50M.
I added a tandem match from, 4 arduino relays for PTT and ATT (-6dB) and an optocoupler board for switching the LPFs.

The Nano is connected to the ubitx via i2c. I had to insert some lines to send the frequency and PTT info. A tight fit in Ians software, not much memory left.

I tend to forget to switch antennas when changing fom 40/80m to higher bands and blew up a few finals in the past, so the code in the amplifier demands a low power tune after band changes.

When transmitting and high SWR occurs, PTT is disabled.

ATT is enabled on 20-80m as my ubitx puts out more then 5W on These bands.

Will gladly share all details when interested,  

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